On September 6, 2012 Minister Jennifer Howard released the Manitoba Accessibility Council’s (MAAC’s) recommendations for provincial accessibility rights legislation. Barrier – Free Manitoba submitted a comprehensive response that agreed that the new legislation is essential but concluded that:

  • the MAAC’s recommendations simply do not go far enough and
  • that the legislation must incorporate the stronger measures identified by the Barrier-Free Manitoba.

The Manitoba legislature 2012 speech from the Throne delivered on November 19, 2012 included a commitment to introduce accessibility rights legislation in 2013.

The Manitoba Association of Senior Centres was one of thirty-two participants invited to a December 5, 2012 meeting hosted by the Barrier-Free Manitoba Steering committee. The purpose of the meeting was to begin planning for future collaboration should the accessibility rights legislation be passed in Manitoba next year.

Participants collaborating on the implementation emphasize that the proposed legislation will benefit all Manitobans, not just disabled and seniors.  It will promote accessible, “age friendly” communities.