Did you know that CAA Manitoba has a variety of tools for older adults related to road safety, driving, travel and planning? Below you will find a variety of links to check out the great tools and resources on the CAA website:


Driving Tools for Seniors: 

Click here: https://www.caa.ca/driving-safely/senior-drivers/


Talking about driving with a parents or an aging older adult: 

Click here: https://www.caa.ca/driving-safely/senior-drivers/talking-about-it/

Download the pdf: https://www.caa.ca/app/uploads/2021/02/Knowing-Your-Limits-Conversation-Guide.pdf


Road Side Emergency Preparedness: 

Click here: https://www.caamanitoba.com/advocacy/road-safety/emergency-preparedness


Cycling Safety: 

Click here: https://www.caamanitoba.com/advocacy/road-safety/cycling


Road Side Assistance Services:

Click here: https://www.caamanitoba.com/auto