For the past couple of months, services providers from all sectors and walks of life have been coming together to “think tank” our way through a variety of transportation topics as it pertains to supporting older adults in our communities. But as we learned in this session, transportation can take on many shapes and forms beyond the traditional forms which sparks perfectly to the name of the presentation: Reimagining Mobility in Elmwood

Our speaker today was Michel Durand-Wood who is the co-chair of the Glenelm Neighbourhood Association (GeNA) and in this presentation Michel took us down to a grass roots community level where together as a group he walked us through a variety of their initiatives which sparked from a need but grew into much bigger visions, ideas and projects for their community. Below you will find the recording from today’s think tank sessions and a list of resources that Michel shared with me which supported building the foundation of the work they do at the Glenelm Neighbourhood Association. If you’d like to connect with Michel, you can reach with him at:

Click Here To Watch The Recording: 


Additional resources shared by Michel: 

City of Burlington VT Community-led Demonstration Project Policy+Guide:
Other Strong Towns content:
Reimagine Elmwood Street Makeover Toolkit:
Main Reimagine Elmwood site:
There are also more resources listed in the last section of the Reimagine Elmwood Street Makeover Toolkit.