The Loop-Tourism Winnipeg


Are you looking to get out and about and to enjoy some active tourism close to home? Check out this walking loop which connects downtown, the exchange and St.Boniface. You can request a printed map

The Loop-Tourism Winnipeg2022-02-26T10:34:40-06:00

Growing Older in Manitoba- The Manitoba Seniors Coalition


    Are you looking to know more about issues related to Older Adults in Manitoba and specifically the transportation needs of Older Adults? The Manitoba Seniors Coalition was formed to enable associations and organizations

Growing Older in Manitoba- The Manitoba Seniors Coalition2022-02-26T10:35:01-06:00

Mobility Scooter PDF Resources


These community resources were created as a project by the Occupational Therapy students at the University of Manitoba in 2019. These are great resources for those who own mobility scooters or for those who are

Mobility Scooter PDF Resources2022-02-26T10:35:56-06:00

COVID-19 & Transportation Recommendations in Manitoba


Transportation plays a crucial role in the lives of many Older Adults across the Province of Manitoba. Whether you're driving, walking, biking, taking a taxi, taking public transit, car-pooling, accessing a Volunteer Driving program or

COVID-19 & Transportation Recommendations in Manitoba2022-02-25T14:13:13-06:00

Mobility Scooters for Older Adults in Manitoba


  All across our beautiful Province, Older People are enjoying the many benefits that mobility scooters have to offer. Mobility Scooters allow for older people to stay engaged in their communities in a variety of

Mobility Scooters for Older Adults in Manitoba2022-02-25T14:12:58-06:00

Public Transit By-Law and Code of Conduct


Winnipeg Transit has rolled out out a new Code of Conduct. The Transit Code of Conduct was created to provide the public with information about appropriate behaviour and conduct while using Transit services. A public

Public Transit By-Law and Code of Conduct2022-02-26T10:37:53-06:00
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