Taxi Voucher Supports for Vaccine Transportation in Winnipeg

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Taxi Voucher Supports for Vaccine Transportation in Winnipeg

TONS is pleased to be partnering with Unicity & Duffy’s taxi to ensure that Seniors have supports in getting to vaccine appointments in Winnipeg. For both initiatives, we are asking older adults to connect to the Senior Resource Finder in their respected community area within the Winnipeg region and which can be found here:

These initiatives are to support older adults who identify as low income and who may have additional  accessibility needs which can be supported by use of an accesible taxi. These supports are to offset the round trip cost per individual to get to a vaccine appointment within the Winnipeg region. Each community partner has been a lotted a certain amount of vouchers so availability and quantity may vary per region. Neither TONS or the Senior Resource Finders are responsible for paying costs related to this initiative or any taxi costs beyond the amount covered by the vouchers.

If you have a booked vaccine appointment, ensure to call the Senior Resource Finders in advance at least 24-72hrs to ensure adequate time to receive the vouchers. Methods of receiving the voucher must be discussed with the Senior Resource Finder which might vary per community area.

If you are a Senior serving organization who is supporting Seniors in booking vaccine appointments, please contact  the Senior Resource Finder in your region to get more information and or access to the supports.