Seniors and the Arlington Street Bridge Part Two


Seniors and the Arlington Street Bridge Part Two

The Arlington Street Bridge over the CPR Yards is nearing the end of its useful life. The City of Winnipeg is carrying out a public consultation to develop a sensible plan of what to do about the bridge. There is the opportunity for this project to have great impact for all those who travel across the CPR Yards by creating a safe, convenient and healthy experience for all people, and all types of transportation. Also, the crossing connections to the surrounding neighbourhoods and city-wide will be an important part of the planning process.

A Community Workshop will be held at King Edward School on Saturday March 21st, noon – 4 p.m. to get your input about the community, crossing priorities and opportunities. Pizza/refreshments, child care and pick-up / drop-off service at neighbourhood locations will be available. Please see the attached invitation for more information and to confirm your attendance.

For further information on the project and to register your views online please visit our website at: and click on the citizen planner button at the top right corner.

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